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Former Straits Times deputy editor, ANN cofounder Felix Soh dies

Former Straits Times deputy editor Felix Soh who died of pneumonia at home on May 3. He was 63.

The veteran newspaperman, who retired last November, had also been suffering from motor neuron disease, which causes nerve cells to gradually break down and die.

Those who knew Soh said he was a dedicated newsman who loved journalism, clocking long hours at work.

“Work was his life. He worked 365 days. Even if he was at home, he would be preparing for work. For him, work would come first and I accepted it,” said Genevieve Soh, his wife.

Soh’s journalistic career spanned more than 30 years. He started as a sub-editor and went on to hold various positions including news editor, foreign editor and deputy editor at The Straits Times.

He also taught journalism at Nanyang Technological University’s Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information.

Patrick Daniel, editor-in-chief of the SPH’s English/Malay/Tamil Media Group described Soh as a “multitalented editor and journalist.”

“He had a sharp nose for news, was great at layout and design, brought his creative flair to everything he did and took to digital media like a duck to water. And he had boundless energy,” he said.

“We are all deeply saddened by his death.”

Soh was also one of the founding editors of the Asia News Network, which promotes coverage of Asian affairs by the Asian media allowing members to freely exchange news, photographs and videos.

Others who worked with Soh closely described him as a tough but excellent boss. Former Straits Times journalist and news editor Paul Jansen, 62, said: “Felix ... could make people cry when they didn’t meet his standards. But he was also helpful to people he saw try hard and generous in his praise and credit for people who met his expectations.”

By Lim Yi Han

(The Straits Times)